Procure Products for Amazon – How to Source Products from China


How to source products and find inventory to sell is undoubtedly one of your initial concerns when establishing an Amazon business.

Possessing an effective sourcing strategy is essential for success. We will cover in this post every aspect of Amazon sourcing you need to acquire the most lucrative goods for your business.

Your products are considerably more likely to appear first on organic search results for product searches if you have a high sales rank.

Keeping your goods in stock and preventing inventory run out of seven days or longer is essential to maintaining your sales rankings.

Your sales rank may effectively drop to zero, if the product is out of stock for longer than 30 days.

The following are a few strategies to procure products for Amazon:

  1. Work with wholesalers

Because they don’t invest the time to build strong connections with wholesalers, many businesses fail.

By getting exclusivity on specific products prior to launch or negotiating better payment terms, selling at wholesale can give your business new chances and put you ahead of other businesses.

  1. Go direct to your manufacturers

Direct purchases from manufacturers should be made at their factory itself. Before they will build your products, many manufacturers demand very high MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirements that you must meet, which require you to order a large volume of goods all at once and arrange your own transportation and logistics.

  1. Trade shows and expos

There is no better method to procure products for Amazon and gain a competitive edge or a source than to learn what your rivals are doing currently.

You may either prefer to visit trade fairs or conferences, as these visits offer a fantastic chance to network with distributors, manufacturers, and independent retailers in addition to learning about new items.

  1. B2B platform marketplaces

B2B product sourcing marketplaces make it possible to find exactly what your company needs without making too much effort on your part as searching through several vendors, and the products on these sites are available with full information.

The business-to-business websites include facilities for searching by category and simple access management capabilities. They also offer thousands of suppliers from all around China and beyond.

  1. Sourcing and trading agents

By assisting companies like manufacturers or distributors to identify possible suppliers from around the globe who have what they require at a reasonable price, they serve as the “middlemen” between different firms.

They often have a significant role in the supply chain. When it is time for manufacturing, you can be confident that your product will adhere to strict standards thanks to their guidance and assistance with quality control.

  1. Shipping mode

The means of transportation is the other aspect you should take into account to procure products for Amazon.

You may prefer air shipment if you are looking for faster delivery. On the other hand, shipping by sea will surely be the option to choose as you may be interested to ship a huge number of products for Amazon business.

The following few questions must be answered to take your best decision on shipment:

  • What kind of goods are you looking to send?
  • What is its susceptibility to damage?
  • What are the potential environmental effects?
  • What is the volume and weight of your shipment?

You can consider shipping a smaller portion of the shipment by air because the cost difference might be less.


To procure products for Amazon follow the tips mentioned in this post to earn a good profit.

You may face a few difficulties initially, however, once you get the hang of it then it will turn out to be a profitable business for you.

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